Yes, you can!


Passionate for fashion? Do you love to be aware of new trends and buy them directly from the manufacturers? Wanna live a special experience with the fashion industry players? Unlike traditional fashion fairs, OUTFIT SHOW is open to the public!

Come and enjoy the unique opportunity to see (and buy) clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, make-up, jewels etc. showcased by the manufacturers, and the chance to meet hundreds of influencers, from all over Europe, who you will see at work as they compose their outfits. The best way to get inspiration for your wardrobe.

shall we wait for you?


Until 15 October, tickets are on pre-sale with a 20% reduction on the 10/15/20 Euro price (admission for 1/2/3 days): you will pay 8/12/16 Euro.

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OUTFIT SHOW is a format by MR Consulting developed in cooperation with XPMG Srl.