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a BRAND-NEW exhibiting format

the “social” show

OUTFIT SHOW is an “all fashion” event, dedicated to women’s and men’s collections and accessories, shown in a “no frills” exhibiting layout. As the name suggests, it hosts any kind of product which can be combined with others to compose an “outfit”: clothing, accessories, jewelry, make-up etc.

In the era of social networks, the traditional players in the fashion industry, Brands and Buyers, have been joined by Influencers: today their importance has grown to such a level that by now the advertising budgets of many companies are entirely transferred to social networks. The main goal of OUTFIT SHOW is to promote as much as possible the business links between Brands, Influencers and Buyers, putting them under the same roof to interact and talk about fashion. To stimulate the rise of real personal relationships, those that insight-software logarithms can never create.

To this end, we created the OUTFIT AWARD, which takes place during the first days: after a careful selection phase carried out by the organisers, the Finalist Influencers are challenged to create their outfits using only the products displayed at the event, and the winners are decided by the votes received from the Exhibitors and the other Finalists.

On the last day the OUTFIT FUNDAY takes place, with the same dynamics but in a more relaxed context, since there is no competition: again, the Influencers (always selected by the organisers) are challenged to create their outfits using only the products displayed at the event.

OUTFIT SHOW is open to all influencers and content creators who register on the site, even without participating in the Outfit Award or Outfit Funday.