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There are some very good reasons

why you should exhibit at OUTFIT SHOW!


Fashion is “changing”, by definition: any second season the fashion industry resets all its parameters to start creating something new. Everything is new, raw materials, fabrics, designs, shootings, communications… everything but the fashion shows “liturgy”. OUTFIT‘s format is such an innovative one that it can’t even be considered an alternative to traditional trade fairs: we are actually complementary. So far it’s the biggest step towards your needs, it’s a big change and a big chance. Give your Brand the chance for a change.


Influencers are loving your products, and talking about them. Could you ask for something more? Actually yes: you could be reciprocally more involved into your respective jobs, with positive returns for both of you. Under the umbrella of your common passion for fashion (you as “producers” and them as “promoters”), OUTFIT offers a formula to combine their skills for the social networks with your desire to be more visible in there.

The main goal of OUTFIT is to raise interest in your products, and by cooperating with the Influencers you work on your brand’s awareness.