here’s at least 3 good reasons

why you should exhibit at OUTFIT SHOW!


Fashion is “changing”, by definition: any second season the fashion industry resets all its parameters to start creating something new. Everything is new, raw materials, fabrics, designs, shootings, communications… everything but the fashion shows “liturgy”. OUTFIT‘s format is such an innovative one that it can’t even be considered an alternative to traditional trade fairs: we are actually complementary. So far it’s the biggest step towards your needs, it’s a big change and a big chance. Give your Brand the chance for a change.


Influencers are loving your products, and talking about them. Could you ask for something more? Actually yes: you could be reciprocally more involved into your respective jobs, with positive returns for both of you. Under the umbrella of your common passion for fashion (you as “producers” and them as “promoters”), OUTFIT offers a formula to combine their skills for the social networks with your desire to be more visible in there.

The main goal of OUTFIT is to raise interest in your products, and by cooperating with the Influencers you work on your brand’s awareness. But that’s not all: we’ve also thought of direct marketing, the real kind. For this reason, OUTFIT is open to the public and the exhibitors can sell their products. Fashion lovers will be able to see, touch, inquire and buy directly from the manufacturer.

If you already know Bergamo, you know that it makes sense for OUTFIT being here, because of the city’s strategic position: right in the middle of one of the best area in Europe for propensity (and budget) to buy in fashion. And for being the birth place to big names of the fashion industry like Nicola Trussardi or Krizia, just to mention the most known. Or for having an historical tradition in textiles, with many important companies headquartered in the province, producing machineries, fabrics, clothing and accessories. In short: Bergamo is a fashion district

What you might not know is that Bergamo is also… a wonderful city, capable of offering an infinite number of magnificent natural sets for your shoots and of welcoming you warmly to make your stay a pleasant one. We wanted to go further than that: the exhibition space we chose just a stone’s throw from Bergamo, SPAZIO FASE, is one of the most successful interventions in the recovery of industrial complexes from the early 1900s. A magical atmosphere that will enhance your products and make you work with a smile on your face. - Copyright © 2023 by BARETTO SRL - P.IVA 04622000166

OUTFIT SHOW is a format by MR Consulting developed in cooperation with XPMG Srl.