exhibitors FAQ

how to take part?

to receive all the information on how to participate in OUTFIT SHOW, simply fill in the “Exhibitors Info” form. The Organizing Office will evaluate the requests received according to the type of product and the availability of exhibiting space. Eligible companies will be sent information and the application form by email.

who can take part?

only and exclusively companies with high quality products, interested in developing their visibility on social media through collaboration with a careful selection of influencers.

what should I display?

the choice of which products to showcase is entirely at your discretion. There are no constraints (seasonality, collection, supply capacity etc.).

what is the OUTFIT AWARD?

is the contest, which takes place over the first 2 days, in which the participants (selected by us) challenge each other to create their outfits using only the products of the brands exhibiting at Outfit Show. The prizes are products from the brands.

what is the OUTFIT FUNDAY?

is the day dedicated to pure fun: participants will create their outfits using only products from the brands exhibiting at Outfit Show.

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