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influencers FAQ

how to take part?

you simply need to register as an influencer and you will have access to OUTFIT SHOW for all days of the event, during which you will be able to network with other influencers, makeup artists, photographers, sponsors and, most importantly, with the exhibiting brands. Registration can only be made online on this website and, if you wish, you can apply for the OUTFIT AWARD selections or to take part in the OUTFIT FUNDAY during registration. In any case, even if you don’t apply, simply by registering on your arrival you will receive the official influencer badge and the event shopper.

what is the OUTFIT AWARD?

is the contest, which takes place during the Outfit Show, in which the participants (selected by us from those who applied during registration) challenge each other to create their outfits using only the products of the brands exhibiting at the event. The prizes are products from the brands.

what is the OUTFIT FUNDAY?

is the day dedicated to pure fun: participants (in the registration phase must have submitted the application) will create their outfits using only products from the brands exhibiting at Outfit Show. After the event, we will select the profiles that impressed us the most for the next Outfit Award.

how to apply for the Award or the Funday?

to submit your application, when you register as an influencer you have to check the “Application” box: this will entitle you to participate in the OUTFIT FUNDAY (we will confirm this after a quick check of your Instagram profile). If your Instagram profile matches our parameters, we will contact you directly to propose you for participation in the OUTFIT AWARD.

which parameters should my Instagram profile match?

for your application to have a good chance of being considered for the Outfit Award, your profile must have at least 10k followers and an engagement rate of no less than 2%. For the Outfit Funday there are no numerical limits. In addition to this, in both cases, we will check the reliability of your fanbase and assess (at our sole discretion) the overall quality of your profile with regard to the regularity and aesthetic care of your publications.