Call for entries!

submissions are open till december 15

Finally a real opportunity to enter the fashion business through the main door! Many of you are already in, few ones with millions of followers, the biggest part with an audience going from few thousands to hundreds of thousands people. Somebody else is moving the first steps but... there is something that makes all of you the same: you are all motivated by an incredible passion for fashion. OUTFIT AWARD was created for you, no matter the followers number or the fashion category you are more interested in (clothing rather than accessories or hair styling): the OUTFIT SHOW, and the AWARD as a main component of it, are planned to promote the cooperation between Brands, Bloggers and Buyers.
The submission is free and all what you need to enter the OUTFIT AWARD is an Instagram account. Wanna try? See below:
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    Register as a Blogger on this website (this is a mandatory condition to enter the OUTFIT AWARD)
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    Follow our official Instagram account: @outfit.show (this is mandatory as well)
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    You are done, and ready to start publishing your posts with the official hashtag to be used in the OUTFIT AWARD: #outfitaward0219.

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    Till December 15, you can publish your posts using the official hashtag. You can publish as many as you like, with no restrictions regarding the content (you can choose to show a winter outfit on May, in example. It's also a strategy game, in the end: make your own!)

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    No matter how many posts with the official hashtag you publish: just your most "liked" one at December 15 will be in the ranking.

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    On December 20 will be published the list of the 75 Bloggers admitted to the final, which will be settled in Bergamo during the OUTFIT SHOW, from 07 to 09 of February 2019. These 75 from the ranking plus 25 selected by the Organization (we need to grant an appropriate markets and categories coverage to the Exhibitors) will be the 100 finalists. 

    For all the other participants there will be the free access at OUTFIT SHOW.

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    As soon as the list is complete, the finalists will be put directly in touch with the Exhibitors, so that they know eachother and start cooperating. During the 3 days at OUTFIT SHOW, the finalists are challenged to create their best outfits using only the products on show. There will be 3 WINNERS: one for the Followers Selection category, one for the Brands Selection category and the OUTFIT AWARD WINNER, the winner. These 3 will be awarded with "Fashion Travels" at various world destinations. There will also be other special awards offered by Sponsors and Exhibitors. The ranking will be determined by the votes of an expert jury (composed of qualified professionals in the fashion world), and those of Brands.

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    Just to let you know what you are going to "fight" for: the first prize consists in travelling to be guested in 8 FASHION WEEKS around the world. All the details about this, the other prizes and the Official Rules will be published in the following weeks.
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