Life is tough for a Buyer

always poised between the desire to buy and the need to sell!

OUTFIT SHOW has been created also for you, the BUYERS, spinning around like tops all over the world during the “fashion weeks”. To see what? In many cases you already know that the Brand you are looking for is at the same pavilion and same stand as the last time.

OUTFIT is offering you the opportunity to live a new trade-show experience, to actively cooperate with Brands and Influencers in a strategic and easily reachable location.

It’s about putting you in the best conditions to evaluate the real potential of the exhibiting Brands, together with a wide Influencers’ audience. Check it out!


Register as a Buyer and get a 20% reduction on the cost of 10/15/20 Euro entrance tickets (entrance for 1/2/3 days): you will pay 8/12/16 Euro. - Copyright © 2022 by BARETTO SRL - P.IVA 04622000166

OUTFIT SHOW is a format by MR Consulting developed in cooperation with XPMG Srl.