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OUTFIT SHOW is the first fashion event entirely dedicated to those who, like you, have turned their great passion for fashion into a profession and would rightly like to receive professional treatment. No more waiting for invitations that don’t always arrive, no more attempts to sign up for events as “press” or anything similar: OUTFIT SHOW is organised primarily to promote cooperation between Brands and Influencers.

And if you like to get involved, sign up for the OUTFIT AWARD: a contest where the challenge is to post your best outfits. Just like you do every day, right? The top 50 will get a place in the final, which will take place during the OUTFIT SHOW. No matter the followers number or the fashion category you are more interested in (clothing, rather than accessories, hair styling or other), this is a great opportunity. Come get it.

The submission is free and all what you need to enter the OUTFIT AWARD is an Instagram account.

Wanna try? Nothing easier, these are the 3 steps needed:

  • 1

    Register as an Influencer on this website

  • 2

    Follow our official Instagram account:

  • 3

    You are done, and ready to start publishing your posts with the official hashtag to be used in the first edition of the OUTFIT AWARD: #outfitaward01


– Untill 30 days before the event, you can publish your posts using the official hashtag. You can publish as many as you like, with no restrictions regarding the content (you can choose to show a winter outfit on May, in example. It’s also a strategy game, in the end: make your own!). No matter how many posts with the official hashtag you publish: just your most “liked” one will be in the ranking.

– 25 days before the event will be published the ranking of admission to the finals, based on the number of “like” on the single post published. The contest final will be held in Bergamo during the OUTFIT SHOW.

the Organisers reserve the right to exclude from the ranking those profiles with a non-credible fanbase, or which are not in line with the spirit of the contest

– The top 50 in the ranking, plus another 100 selected by the Organization (to ensure that Exhibitors have adequate coverage of markets and categories) will be the 150 Finalists.

During the 3 days of OUTFIT SHOW, the Finalists are challenged to create their outfits using only the products on display at the event.

– The ranking will be determined by the votes of a quality jury composed of qualified professionals from the world of fashion: the exhibiting Brands and the Finalists Influencers! Prizes will be awarded to the top 3, and the 1st will be proclaimed the winner of the Outfit Award. Just to give you an idea of what you are competing for: the first prize is a free product from each of the exhibitors.


Register as an Influencer and you will get a 20% reduction on the cost of 10/15/20 Euro entrance tickets (entrance for 1/2/3 days): you will pay 8/12/16 Euro.

Simply by registering as an Influencer, regardless of your Instagram profile numbers and whether or not you choose to take part in the contest, you will receive a 20% discount on the entrance fee and the opportunity to get in touch with the exhibiting Brands, Buyers and Sponsors of the event. You will be able to make yourself known and expand your network, in a professional and relaxed environment where you can collaborate with Italian and foreign companies, who are at OUTFIT with the sole purpose of meeting people like you. Or, if you prefer, you can simply go shopping.

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